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Top Reasons Of Using A Dog Harness

Many people who keep a dog as a pet have become so close to the dog such that they do not like leaving the dog behind even when they go for a trek or a hike. The decision to leave the dog behind is quite cumbersome and this may mean having to go with the dog for the hike or trek. Even as one is trying to be physically fit in the long stretch that they are going to walk, the dog also needs to exercise it body and it also serves as a great companion during the long stretch. A dog harness will be needed which will replace the use of a collar during the hike or the trek as it will serve a great purpose. To learn more about the top reasons of using a dog harness, continue reading.

Giving the owner or handler of a dog more control of the dog is one of the top reasons of using a dog harness. Dogs can be difficult to manage especially on the routes where there is a lot of stimuli that may make them veer of the route as they go after another dog, cat or bird since they may be excited of the same. Even the fog is not well trained, a dog harness will be of great to the owner or handler which will lead to greater management of the dog.

Another advantage of using a dog harness is that the safety of the dog is bettered. A extended part of the body is covered by a dog harness and this include the shoulders, front limbs and chest of the dog. The dog harness completely restricts the dog from escaping since it becomes difficult for it to free itself and therefore avoids the cases of it hiding somewhere that may be difficult to find it.

Another advantage of using a dog harness is that it helps avert neck injuries to the dog due to the use of a collar. A collar that is always kept around a dog’s neck is attached to a leash which when pulled causes a strain on the dog’s neck and leads to neck injuries on the dog. A better option in the use of the dog harness takes away the pain from the neck and distributes it on the dog’s back and body.

Another top reason why you should use a dog harness is that it helps in the training of a dog. Training dogs enables them follow the rules of good behavior. To allow the dog to associate with the experience of being close to their owner or handler, a dog harness can facilitate this during the training since the owner or handler has great control over the dog hence it can be taught to follow direction.

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