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Find Out About The Ways On How To Do Do-It-Yourself Speaker Rings

You should know by now that making custom speaking rings can be a quick and easy way to save money, as long as you are willing and eager to spend a little time setting them up. What we will be doing here in this article is that we will discuss with you the process of making DIY speaker rings. Before anything else, what we want you to do first is to make a list of all the tools and equipment you will need in making DIY speaker rings. Know that when creating DIY speaker rings, you can make use of free-hand cutting, but, if you are looking forward to achieving a more professional result, you better get a guide. When we say guide tool, we are referring to a piece of stock aluminum with a Roto-zip that is mounted on one side, having staggered holes drilled down its length. If you happen to not have a Roto-Zip, you can do the same using a jig saw.

Moving on to the process of making a DIY speaker ring, what we want you to do is to first is to cut our a large circle in MDF. If you are making a speaker ring for a subwoofer, or any other speaker for that matter, we suggest that you make a circle at least one inch larger when compared to the largest part of the speaker. For a twelve inches sub-woofer speaker, you have to cut out a thirteen inches circle. When it comes to the hole in the tool, make it a point to ensure that you are using six and a half inches from the bit. Right after checking your distances, we recommend you to place a screw through the right hole, while leaving enough of the screw out so that you can allow the cutting jig to freely spin.

Another thing that you have to do when creating a DIY speaker ring is to make the inside cut. One thing that we want you to consider when making an inside cut is to have it at least the size of the speaker basket. For a twelve inches speaker, the cut should be at least eleven inches. What we are trying to say here is that you have to set your guide or guide tool at five point five inches, and repeat the steps stated above.

If you are sure about the measurements that you have, what comes next is to sand down any rough or high spots on your speaker ring.

These are the things that you have to consider when making DIY speaker rings.

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