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The Increasing Interest in Keto and Why You Should Know It Too

The fact that there is widespread coverage in social media and that some medical experts rave about it are the reasons why low carb and ketogenic diets are increasingly becoming a rage these days. You’re reading this article because you also believe it may work for you.

Well, if you are serious about taking on the challenge, you must first learn the two most critical concepts involved – ketogenesis and ketoned bodies.

The biochemical process of ketogenesis works by way of the body breaking down fatty acids, and then converting them into ketone bodies. Naturally, the synthesis of the ketone bodies through ketogenesis will take place in the event that the body has a short supply of carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates are the primary source of energy, what happens is that when the body does not have enough of it, it will use an alternative source in the form of ketones. What this means is that if you are to embrace a diet based on ketogenesis, it means you will have to significantly reduce your carb intake.

Meanwhile, those ketone bodies are water-soluble compounds that serve as an alternative form of energy meant for the body to use in the absence of sufficient carb supply. There are three primary types of ketone body, namely acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone. Before you start a diet with minimal carb, you must first understand that ketones work by way of satisfying the energy requirements of the body, which is pretty similar to the role played by glucose. The difference is that ketoned bodies do not contribute to increasing blood sugar levels.

Next, you normally would ask yourself how you can benefit from ketosis if you embrace this type of diet.

1 – Studies reveal that ketone bodies could be instrumental in treating Alzheimer’s Disease.

Some medical experts consider the disease as some type of insulin resistance of the brain. They propose that it is like the third type of diabetes. There eventually will come a study that will provide the link between ketosis and that of how the disease develops in the brain.

2 – If ketone bodies are used as primary source of energy for the body, it will lead to the considerable reduction of blood glucose levels.

Not many people realize it, but with ketosis, you end up minimizing the tendency of increased blood glucose levels in the body, which in turn could prevent the onset of diabetes.

3 – You may even help yourself lose weight if you embrace a ketogenic diet.

Many scientists and medical professionals agree that a significant presence of ketone bodies will correspond to signaling the body to inhibit from the production of hunger hormones. In other words, if you embrace a ketogenic diet, there’s a tendency for your body to curb hunger, making you lose excess weight.

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